Welcome to the Wave Planet, Fid Mella!

The Italian born and Vienna based beat maestro Fid Mella always had his unique approach to beat making. The diversity and creativity of his productions has provided him with a wide range of collaboration partners, from renowned Italian rappers such as Ghemon or Egreen to German and Austrian rap greats such as Audio88 & Yassin, Crack Ignaz, Kamp, Olexesh, Schwesta Ewa or Young Krillin just to name a few. Together with Donvtello, Jamin, Lex Lugner and Opti Mane, Fid Mella founded the super group Silk Mob in 2020. He also dropped two classic instrumental albums with his long-time beat partner in crime, Brenk Sinatra. Check out his recently released mixtape “Hella Mella”.

Fid Mella undoubtedly is one of the most outstanding beatmakers of our days and a true pioneer of the culture. We are more than hyped to become part of his journey!

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